FlashCAN Nissan GTR


***News Flash ***FlashCAN Nissan GTR supports the Transmission Control Module (TCM) for datalogging and editing!


Software Overview

FlashCAN Nissan GTR supports the 2008 to 2015 Nissan GTR R35, including the new updated 2015 models, and allows reprogramming and tuning of the standard OEM engine management unit. US, JDM, Euro and Middle East vehicles are supported, including the Nismo tuned special edition.


Tuneable Parameters

FlashCAN Nissan GTR provides access to the following ECU control systems:

  • Boost Control
  • Fuelling, including per cylinder trim
  • Fuel Injector Scaling
  • Ignition Timing
  • Cam Timing
  • Rev Limits
  • Speed Limits
  • Accelerator to Throttle Mapping
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Sensor Scaling


Advanced Features

 EcuTek have made FlashCAN Nissan GTR into a comprehensive and easy to use package, to make tuning easier, quicker and more effective. To enhance the power of the standard ECU, EcuTek have also designed a series of bespoke features which can be programmed into the standard ECU to provide features normally only seen on aftermarket ECU systems.

RaceROM provides custom features designed specifically to work with the Nissan GTR to enhance the function of the standard ECU, providing greater tuning potential, flexibility, and safety features not seen in other tuning packages.

  • Speed Density based calibration - Provides the option to run the vehicle fuelling based on MAP, engine speed and air temp, allowing the removal of the MAF or larger intakes.
  • Map Switching for Fuel, Timing, VVT and Rev Limit - Provides alternate maps for fuel, timing, VVT and rev limits which can be switched while the vehicle is in operation.
  • 16-bit boost cut maps - Provides increased scale boost maps for running greater than 1.55 bar boost.
  • Upshift boost spike prevention - Provides a safety mechanism to prevent the boost from spiking during gear shifts. Essential if running increased levels of boost.
  • Per-gear boost control - Provides maps for tuning the boost level for each gear.
  • Per-gear rev limits - Provides maps for setting rev limits in each gear.
  • RaceROM Boost Controller - Provides the ability to adjust boost using the on-board entertainment system and cruise control buttons.
  • MAF Left-Right Swap for custom intercoolers - Provides the ability to switch the MAF sensor when using aftermarket intercoolers.
  • Large fuel injector support - Provides the ability to use greater than 750cc injectors, which are not supported by the standard ECU software.
  • Custom Parameter Logging - Provides access to custom data logging parameters not available using the Nissan Consult III tool.
  • Visual knock warning - Provides knock warning by flashing the "check engine" light when knock is detected.

For more information on these features, visit the RaceROM Feature Enhancements page.


Live Data

FlashCAN Nissan GTR utilises and displays all the standard Nissan diagnostic parameters for both the Engine Control Module(ECM), and Transmission Control Module(TCM), as well as custom parameters using RaceROM feature enhancements. These can be logged and viewed using in-built datalogging facilities, providing even more information for tuning and diagnostics.

When connected to a car, FlashCAN Nissan GTR can offer real time data and map tracing. Map tracing shows, in real time, the areas of each map that are being read and used.


What you get

The FlashCAN Nissan GTR system includes the following components:

  • EcuTek FlashCAN Nissan GTR ECM and TCM Map Editing and Flash Programming Software.
  • Standard ROM files for all relevant models.
  • Access to RaceROM Feature Enhancement files
  • Tested and proven calibration ROM files.
  • Detailed and comprehensive user manual.
  • Unlimited support from us in the form of calibration file updates, as new revisions are released.
  • All cables, connectors & hardware required (except for the laptop and operating system of course - see hardware/software system requirements section).


Supported Vehicles

Currently FlashCAN Nissan GTR supports the following vehicles:

  • AUS Nissan GTR 11
  • Euro Nissan GTR 09
  • Euro Nissan GTR 10
  • Euro Nissan GTR 10 Nismo
  • Euro Nissan GTR 11
  • JDM Nissan GTR 08
  • JDM Nissan GTR 09
  • JDM Nissan GTR 10
  • Middle East Nissan GTR 09
  • Middle East Nissan GTR 10
  • US Nissan GTR 08
  • US Nissan GTR 09
  • US Nissan GTR 10


As with all EcuTek ProECU products if you find a new ROM not supported by our software, we will endevour to add support for the vehicle within 7 days.



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