GP Syvecs


The S6GP is our entry level management system offering 16 x Inputs, 22 x Outputs, 1 x Lambda Input, 1 x Knock Input and 1 x EGT Input. All software features are enabled with upgrade available for Advanced Knock control used on the S8 and S12



The S8 ECU is our most popular unit offering 24 x Inputs, 28 x Outputs, 2 x Lambda Inputs, 2 x Knock Inputs, 2 x EGT Inputs and 2 x DBW Drivers All software features are enabled

S6 Plug and Play

The S6PnP is for customers who wish to have all the advantages that the Syvecs Range offers but house inside of the standard case for ease of fitment and not require any parts of the loom to be modified.

SDI - Gasoline direct injection

The SDI ECU is the perfect solution for integrated direct injection engine management. Based on the highly popular S8 architecture the SDI just has less inputs and outputs for those GDI applications that don’t require the complexity of the full S8.


The S12 ECU is our top of the range engine management solution featuring 28 x Inputs, 50 x Outputs, 3 x DBW Drivers, 4 x Knock Inputs, 4 x Lambda Inputs, 2 x EGT Inputs


Syvecs SGTR Kit brings a new level of Engine Management control to the Nissan R35GTR - Unleash and protect your investiment today!



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