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What is a k100?

The k100 is a circuit board that is installed in your ECU in a similar fashion to the K-Series programmable ECU (K-Pro) at a lower cost. It allows your Hondata dealer to install a custom flash program based off any of the programs supplied with the K-Pro or any program of their own design. A dealer can also custom tune, using their K-Pro, a map specifically tailored for the customers car.

Unlike the K-Pro, the k100 does not have datalogging nor does it have programming capability. Programming and installation are done by GP Perfomance.



Power - Properly tuned the k100 will make more power than any reflash.

Customization - The k100 supports an infinite variety of custom programs. The reflash does not. When the Hondata reflashes were first released in 2002, there were very few performance aftermarket add-ons. Today there are many, and the combination of parts is beyond what a single reflash can cater for. A custom program as enabled by the k100 will allow a program to be specifically tuned for your car.



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